Hadeijia, Jigawa State, October 7, 2023 – In a historic event that marked a significant turning point for women in agriculture, Rashak Farms and Agro Allied Limited achieved a remarkable milestone on Saturday, the 7th of October, 2023. The company launched the first-ever “All Women Outgrower Program” in Hadeijia, Jigawa State, setting the stage for a transformative shift in the agricultural landscape.

Over 200 enthusiastic and aspiring female farmers were empowered through the Outgrower program, breaking down the longstanding barriers that have hindered women’s participation in agriculture. Notably, the program also welcomed women with disabilities, further emphasizing its commitment to inclusivity and empowerment.

The Outgrower program signifies Rashak Farms and Agro Allied Limited’s dedication to providing comprehensive support to these women, covering every aspect of the farming process, from seed to sale. This includes offering expert guidance throughout the farming season, providing warehousing facilities to prevent post-harvest losses,and facilitating connections to the best markets for their produce.

Furthermore, the women received vital input disbursements, including improved wheat seeds, Nagari NPK 20:10:10 fertilizer, Indorama urea fertilizer, Termifos insecticides, and other essential resources to enhance their farming endeavors.

The flag-off event was graced by the presence of prominent community leaders from Hadeijia, representatives from the disabled community in Jigawa State, and other notable stakeholders. The atmosphere was filled with joy and appreciation as the women expressed their gratitude to Rashak Farms for this invaluable and impactful empowerment.

Speaking to the media, community leaders shed light on the challenges women in agriculture have faced over the years and applauded Rashak Farms for its proactive efforts in addressing these issues.

The Rashak management team extended their gratitude to the community leaders for their unwavering support and presence at the event. They emphasized their commitment to ensuring the success of these women by enlisting dedicated field officers who will providecontinuous support, training, and access to modern technological farming practices. Cutting-edge Agricultural Management Software (AMS) has also been incorporated to maintain real-time records of comprehensive farming activities, training, and support.

Mr. Abubakar, the General Manager of Rashak Farms and Agro Allied Limited, reiterated their belief that this strategic initiative aligns with Rashak’s vision and will not only boost productivity but also enhance food security in the country and the entire continent. Moreover, it is anticipated to enable competitive market sales and bring smiles of impact to everyone involved in the untapped women-led wheat farming initiative’s entire value chain.

The All Women Outgrower Program’s launch in Jigawa State signals a new dawn for women in agriculture, marking a momentous step towards gender equality and economic empowerment in the sector. Rashak Farms and Agro Allied Limited’s commitment to supporting these women in every aspect of their farming journey promises to yield positive and lastingresults for the women, their communities, and the agricultural industry as awhole.

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