Post Jigawa All-women outgrower field officers training

In a groundbreaking move towards gender-inclusive agricultural development, Rashak Farms and Agro Allied Limited has successfully launched its first-ever all-women outgrower program in Jigawa State. This initiative not only marks a significant milestone for the company but also sets a precedent for empowering women in the agricultural sector.

Building on the momentum of the all-women outgrower program’s successful flag-off, Rashak Farms and Agro Allied Limited is taking the next significant stride by emphasizing comprehensive training as the pivotal next step in their mission.

On October 9, 2023, in Firimi Ringim LGA, under the guidance of Dr. Macus, Chief Consultant of the Flour Mills Association of Nigeria, a remarkable training session took place. The training centered on equipping the all-women outgrower team with in-depth knowledge and practical skills, further enhancing their capabilities in wheat production.

The comprehensive training covered the following essential aspects of wheat production:

1. Planting Methods: Farmers were educated on various planting techniques to optimize wheat growth.

2. Planting Time: Understanding the ideal time to plant wheat is crucial for a successful harvest, and this aspect was thoroughly explained.

3. Photoperiodism Activities of Cultivation Site: Factors related to the location and its photoperiodism effects on wheat were discussed to help farmers make informed decisions.

4. Nutrient History of Cultivation Site: Dr. Macus emphasized the importance of assessing soil nutrients to ensure healthy wheat crops.

5. Pest and Disease Control Methods: Farmers were equipped with strategies to protect their wheat crops from common pests and diseases.

6. Irrigation Regime: Proper irrigation techniques and schedules were highlighted to maximize wheat yield.

Supervisor Jigawa State was present to sign and attend the training, underscoring the government’s support for this transformative initiative.

Rashak Farms and Agro Allied Limited’s dedication to empowering women in agriculture is both commendable and visionary. By providing these women with the knowledge, resources, and support they need to excel in farming, Rashak Farms and Agro Allied Limited is not only contributing to gender equality but also bolstering the agricultural sector in Jigawa State.

This pioneering initiative sets the stage for a brighter future, where women play an increasingly influential role in Jigawa State’s agricultural landscape. Rashak Farms and Agro Allied Limited’s commitment to training and empowering women demonstrates that progress and inclusivity can go hand in hand, leading to a more prosperous and equitable agricultural community. As the women embark on their outgrower journey, armed with this newfound knowledge, the impact
Both their lives and the agricultural sector promises to be truly transformative.

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